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Stop 1 - Sensory Garden: This was our first stop as pilgrims in the Wetlands: it is specially constructed for people with disabilities. I too have my disability, one that can’t be seen which the garden brought to mind: not taking time out of my day to stop and feel the caress of the Creator’s Love in the sights, fragrances, sounds, stings and savour of this wild and untamed Garden.

"The entire material universe speaks of God's love, his boundless affection for us. Soil, water, mountains: everything is, as it were, a caress of God."LS 84

"Help, me Lord! .... to step into the mystery of your Presence." From the original text by Dominika Borowska. LSAnimator, Kielce, Poland

Stop 2 - Tea Party: Why Tea Party? There’s no tea or picnic! But then I wasn’t here for tea or picnic. My Tea Party: to walk alongside my companions in a spirit of wonder and a bit of silence, to try in my limited way to let go of me and let God…in, through and with all that was round me. The second stop was aletting go… As Lorna Gold writes in ‘Laudato Si’ - Through a Mother’s Eyes’:“Many times, we would go for walks in the woods when the boys were younger, and those walks would become the natural place for catechesis. “Who made all this, mummy? Why did God give us such a beautiful gift?” Big questions! …”

Stop 3: Birdwatching Hide: Stilled was the heron, coupled were the Egyptian geese and yet what drew me was a man, perhaps North African, who perched inside the edge of the reservoir either texting on his mobile or reading something. He too was stilled like the heron but uncoupled. That’s what drew me: the uncoupled-ness unlike the other visitors to the place. It seemed to me that he was suffering as if here had he chosen to ‘hide’. The sighting of him stayed with me as it did another pilgrim. An invitation “…to become painfully aware, to dare to turn what is happening to the world into our own personal suffering and thus to discover what each of us can do about it." LS 19

Stop 4 - Dragonfly Ponds: No manifestation of dragonflies here but I spotted one elsewhere darting in the space above us. Pilgrim that I was I lingered with it but it didn’t linger with me! It helicopter-ed out of that space. Or did it dragon-fly itself out of that space? This was the end of our pilgrimage and it closed with another invitation to make stop 5, our own: to halt with what attracted our attention and be present to it. I stayed with a tall thistle-like plant that stood on its own (its name escapes me.) It stuck out like some desert cactus with arms unaligned with the rest of its body and no flower to lighten its appearance. And "in my effort to decipher" its sacredness, I explored my won." LS 59. I loved it for its difference, contrasted with the low-flying carpet of yellow flowers. What was it doing there?? How did it come to seed there all alone? It was just there. Not doing anything. Just being itself. That's sacred enough for the Creator.






By Debra

A pilgrimage at Walthamstow Wetlands during the Season of Creation for 2022 appealed to my spirit of adventure, after all I had been a pilgrim once in Lourdes and on three occasions to Medjugorje. As a pilgrim, you expect to be challenged in some way as you step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown for the love of God. This pilgrimage was different having been to the Wetlands before, which is flat and accessible. There is no comparison with our physical scramble over rocks and boulders to climb Cross Mountain in Bosnia safely and without injury. We wore shoes and others walked in bare feet leaving a bloody trail behind them.

Different also because my mind felt free to meditate on excerpts from Laudato Si’ carefully chosen for the stops we were going to make by Sr Chris. Reading aloud through the eyes of motherhood from Dr Lorna Gold seemed strange at first as I had not raised any children but then God whispered to me that I too was a mother because I had children who were sadly miscarried. It goes without saying that I would have taught my own children about the wonderful earth God has given us as a gift - and to nurture in each other an appreciation of the beauty of the earth. And this is what we did on our pilgrimage. Within this context everything around me was brought into sharp focus and I was acutely aware of mother nature embracing us as we marvelled at the wonder of creation in glorious sunshine. Singing together “Laudato Si’, I mi Signore” felt quite special. Indeed “Be praised, O my Lord”

October 1st 2022


Community Pilgrimage

Saturday October 1st 


We will have a Wetlands' guide and there will be pauses to listen, reflect and pray together.



'Poverty will never be history if you ignore the environment, environmental destruction and poverty go hand in hand'

Ellen Teague

Photos taken at the JPIC Linking Day.

Saturday 24 September


Are you looking for concrete ways to stop ecological crisis? Here we share 7 ways you can do it!

you can find more ideas in the #SeansonOfCreation 2022 Celebration Guild.



Happening Now
The Season of Creation
1st Sept-4th Oct 2022

“Listen to the voice of creation” is the theme and invitation of this year’s Season of Creation. In his message for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation 2022, Pope Francis calls on us to use the season to "cultivate our ecological conversion” and to pray together in “the great cathedral of Creation”.
read more here: Season-of-Creation

Nature on the Lawn:

Recipe swap

This event took place on 17th July 2022 at Our Lady of the Rosary & St Patricks church Walthamstow.

We had fun tasting each others food, swapping recipes and even a demonstration from Yolanda! Cooking at home is a great way to get together, give thanks for our food and can be a way to have affordable, tasty meals. Below you can see some of the recipes shared and photos from the day. Get in touch if you have a favourite recipe you'd like to share!

The community coming together at St Patrick's Church, Walthamstow.

Why not try one of the receipes

Things to Do

Watch this video about Pope Francis' encyclical letter Laudato Si'

the story so far

Many activities are already taking place in our local community of Walthamstow, including the parish of Our Lady of the Rosary and St Patricks being awarded a CAFOD Live Simply award in 2016. Ongoing efforts to hear the cry of the poor through Christian Kitchen, community homeless shelter, and befriending. Environmental challenges being met by bike racks, shower timers and allotments. The question now is how do we build on all of this good work, and come together to care for our common home, how might we repair, replenish and restore our beautiful world? What would you, yes you, like to see in our community?

Check out this 52 ways to care for creation from the Laudato Si' Movement ! Lots of practical tips & ideas for you to try or have a chat with friends and family about.


Here are some resources to help us on our Laudato Si' journey, if you know of others please tell us!

Laudato Si'

You can read Laudato Si' in several languages online Laudato Si' link

Brentwood diocese

In 2021 the catholic diocese of Brentwood issued an invitation, read more about it here. Brentwood link

The Journey to 2030

A movement and a website dedicated to seeing the Laudato Si' ethos come alive in every parish and community. The journey to 2030 link

The Future we Choose

Read this inspirational book, perhaps buy a second hand copy or loan it from a friend! The Future we Choose book

Laudato Si' Movement

Visit this website, lots to read and you can sign up for a regular newsletter Laudato Si' Movement


Work with other locals as part of The Conservation Volunteers TCV

Come along to our small group gatherings

Last Friday of every month in Walthamstow, London 7pm

Email Ann Marie for more details. All are welcome!